FB asks…. “What’s on your mind?”… I have an incredible job. I could never have imagined what this line of work would entail when the Lord first called me to do this. I see people who are fit and people who are broken. It humbles me that strangers would allow me to touch them, and hurting people would trust me to help them. Every now and then I will get a patient whose chronic pain is so severe that I can’t even comprehend it , and yet I consistently hear that this work helps people feel better and function better. I am convinced that it’s the Presence of the Lord that truly heals. I’m also convinced that God has been merciful to me and allowed me to walk a path that I would never have chosen. And yet this path has been so amazing, because I get to help people everyday. My compensation is Financial – I get my bills paid – and emotional and spiritual. I get hugs and smiles. I have the honor to pray for every single one. My goodness…. I have quite a bit on my mind. Most of it is awe and gratitude that the Lord would let me do this. Soli Deo Gloria.

Everyday I ask the Lord to come and fill this place. Everyday I asked him to help me to work another day. Everyday I get to touch people that Jesus died for … I get the touch people who the Lord loves… and then this amazing thing happens, I get new people in my life whom I learn to love.